Full on side splitting, unselfconscious, nothing else matters laughter at and with each other.  This is how we look.  This is how each of us sees the other when we are together and how we think of the other when we are apart. In isolation, each of us would probably hate how we look.  Fixating on the small things we hate about our appearance.  The goofy teeth, double chins, massive forehead.

But then we looked again, and this time properly, and saw the whole picture and it instantly took us back to that exact moment.  God knows what we were laughing so much about, probably something naughty  given who was behind the camera.  But whatever it was, it was clearly very funny, we laughed together, hard, and we were bloody happy.  Suddenly our little hang-ups no longer mattered.  We don’t see them.  We don’t remotely care. Actually, when we see this image we think, “OMG do you remember how much fun that was, what a great time we had”.

So for us it's all about the experience, the happiness we felt when fooling around and being completely stupid with each other. So what if our chins multiply and our teeth are on full show when we let ourselves go.  What matters is that we can be us, completely and honestly, and man it felt good. THAT is what is awesome and we would not change a thing about that image.

Thanks to Emma and Pete of Emma Case Photography who took this image when we modelled for their Welcome Home Workshop in September.  Thanks for reminding us what really matters.