Millie (written by Jo)

Mil is an infuriating perfectionist, always right (!), far too wriggly at night, one of the worst backseat drivers alive and is a dishwasher stacking Nazi.  But she has an infectious energy and love for exploring, adventure, new experiences, growing green things, making fires, mending and building things made out of wood or lately even concrete.


Even after 10 years together, she surprises me constantly and we laugh together a lot and loudly.  Thankfully no one gets to hear our often weird conversations.  I love how much she loves this job and how she works tirelessly hard for all of our couples.


Oh and look out for her quiff, it is almost impossible to keep out of photographs.

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Jo (Written by Millie)

Jo loves late nights and late mornings although rarely gets to enjoy either.  She is incredibly calm and logical but can’t stack the dishwasher properly.  She is obsessed with the sea and hopes one day she gets to live near crashy waves.  Most of her sentences start with "I was listening to a program on Radio 4 the other day..."


Jo is without a doubt one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever met and when you meet her I know you will think this too.  She doesn't say much but when she does it is always worth listening to.


It is no wonder that one day I plan to marry her myself.

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